02 Sep 2022

GTP and ICCSA scheduled meetings in four key cities in Indonesia to deliver biblical teaching and raise awareness for ICCSA. We wanted to engage Christian leaders in strategic and biblically-rooted conversations and to help this new peer accountability group (PAG) expand its membership. 

As our ICCSA hosts contracted COVID very early in the trip, we experienced many situations with VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity). However, we felt God’s grace upon us and presence with us each step of the way. This report celebrates God's faithfulness and provision amidst challenges.

From 12 to 14 July, Ruthie and Anjji (Global Trust Partners) conducted awareness-raising dinners in Bali and Surabaya with Manish Gidwani (ICCSA Board of Executives Treasurer) and in Bandung with Pastor Albertus Patty (ICCSA Founding Member). The participants responded positively, saying ICCSA is "much needed" and the work is "urgent." Some said this is a "kairos moment" and that they want the discussion "to be continued." Others suggested starting a WhatsApp group for the follow-through and creating an FAQ page on the ICCSA website.

Dinner gathering attendees in Bali, Surabaya, and Bandung. (left to right)

Manish said that he was “amazed at what God did during the dinner gatherings and how the people we invited responded to what we shared. They had so many specific questions about the accreditation process and ICCSA plans to follow up with each one of them. One attendee said that this ignited a fire within her and that ICCSA is an answer to her prayers.”

To culminate the awareness-raising events sponsored by GTP, ICCSA held its formal launch in Jakarta. Each participant got a free copy of The Grace of Giving: Money and the Gospel by John R.W. Stott & Christopher J.H. Wright translated into Bahasa Indonesia. Anjji reminded ICCSA to be faithful and gave them a charge from 2 Corinthians 8:20-21. Ruthie shared about the global peer accountability movement and emphasized GTP’s presence with them as they advance stewardship and accountability. ICCSA founders shared about the ICCSA history and seven principles. ICCSA also inducted the first two members and invited others to start their membership journey.

With the participants of Raising Awareness for ICCSA in Jakarta event.

The Grace of Giving: Money and the Gospel by John R.W. Stott & Christopher J.H. Wright book translated into Bahasa Indonesia. (photo by Ruthie Cristobal, GTP)

Ceremony of handing over Registered Member certificates to Yayasan Family First Indonesia and Yayasan Kasih Persaudaraan Bangsa (KARSA) by Kenny Wirya (Founding Member ICCSA).

We praise God for how He worked mightily and showed His amazing grace during this four-stop ”Amazing Race” trip across Indonesia. The ICCSA board and staff echoed thanks to God for His presence at these events despite unexpected difficulties.

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