by Naomi Siawarta
02 Sep 2022

KARSA is a legal Christian foundation accommodating corporate and individual donations that can be deducted from income so as to reduce corporate and individual taxes.

(Tax Directorate General Regulation Number Per-08/PJ/2021)

KARSA is committed to lift up people who are discriminated against, marginalised and those who experience social, economic, gender, political, religious injustice to their humanity.

KARSA has principles, vision and mission that align with ICCSA. By signing the agreement at the Raising Awareness for ICCSA event in Jakarta on 16th July 2022, ICCSA and KARSA agree to collaborate with each other to contribute to the Christian community and Indonesia as a nation.

The agreement between ICCSA and KARSA is intended to regulate cooperation in the development of management, operations and related programs. ICCSA and KARSA agree to conduct joint advocacy on various occasions regarding the importance of Stewardship and Accountability, including the possibility for the Body of Christ to be involved in activities and programs at ICCSA and KARSA. ICCSA and KARSA collaborate to explore opportunities where we can contribute in providing capacity building support in terms of Stewardship and Accountability to KARSA beneficiary institutions.

“Collaboration is the key to holistic, relevant, effective and sustainable ministry. The accountability of the parties makes it possible.” Pastor Albertus Patty, Chairman of KARSA.

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