07 Dec 2023

After conducting the first phase of assessment with registered members of ICCSA, with inputs received, we refined and enhanced the diagnostic tool as a tool for assessment with version 2.0. The ICCSA Diagnostic Tool v2.0 will continue to be used with ICCSA registered members in the second phase of assessment.


ICCSA continues to carry out the second phase of assessment using Diagnostic Tool v2.0 together with the Pelayanan Desa Terpadu Foundation (PESAT) on 13-14 November 2023 in Jakarta, Indonesia.


PESAT Foundation is an interdenominational Christian service institution that has been called to serve remote villages and areas to reach poor and neglected children since 1987. PESAT Foundation exists with the mission of holistically discipling village children to reach their best potential.


9,045 children of the village are served through early childhood education programs, formal education, future centres, and student development cottages. PESAT Foundation currently operates in 128 program locations and has an impact on the lives of thousands of villagers, and there are 380 teachers and coaches serving children in Indonesian villages.


The most important need for PESAT Foundation at this time is funds for the smooth running of the Future Centre’s activities, both for activities and offerings of love to the teachers who serve.


After conducting a guided assessment, PESAT Foundation shared their assessment experience with us. Read below to find out more about the hopes and reflections of PESAT Foundation.


Why do you want to register PESAT as an ICCSA Member?

Initially, several leaders at PESAT Foundation felt the need to increase their understanding of fundraising, so they decided to take part in a Fundraising workshop organised by the Asia Evangelical Alliance. During the workshop, we received a recommendation to look for a national Accreditation Body as a further step. Through online searches, we found ICCSA as a Christian Accreditation Association that answers the recommendations above. After studying further information through ICCSA’s website, we concluded that joining ICCSA was the right move, this was based on the belief that ICCSA could provide the support and recognition necessary for the foundation in furthering the foundation's mission. Thus, PESAT Foundation decided to register as a member of ICCSA.


What are PESAT's expectations as an ICCSA Member?

We hope to obtain full support from ICCSA in making our organisation an entity that has accountability and good stewardship. After going through the assessment process, we realised that there were still many aspects that needed to be improved in our organisational structure. We realise that this improvement is a process that takes time, but we have a strong commitment to achieve it. With good cooperation between PESAT Foundation and ICCSA, we are confident that this goal can be realised. We are willing to work together diligently to streamline and develop our organisation so that it can meet the accountability standards expected by ICCSA.


Reflections after conducting an assessment with ICCSA

Gaining public trust is not an easy achievement for a Christian organisation. This requires a strong commitment from every stakeholder in the organisation. Trust cannot just appear; serious effort is required to achieve it. In this context, ICCSA becomes an accreditation body that functions as a mirror for every Christian institution, measuring the extent to which its management complies with ICCSA standards. We feel very grateful that God brought us together with ICCSA at a time when we are striving to become an organisation that excels in accountability and stewardship. While realising that this process will take a long time, we are confident that by involving God and working hard, every stage of the process can be overcome. Through this collaboration, we hope to transform our organisation into an institution that can be trusted by the community in its management and has an impact on everyone it serves so that God will be glorified. 


If you want to know more about ICCSA’s accreditation programme, please explore our ‘Membership Journey’ section on our website or feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 



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