by Naomi Siawarta
02 Sep 2022

The Generosity Design Lab by GenerousChurch encourages networks and leaders to spread generosity through biblical principles of generosity. The lab has three objectives as follows:

  1. Develop a greater passion and understanding of biblical generosity.
  2. Design generosity training that fits the culture and training patterns of a network.
  3. Transform a network through unleashing generous disciples.

On 7 July, Patrick (founder and visionary of GenerousChurch) and Ereny (GTP’s VP of Training & Empowerment) started the GDL training for ICCSA with a dinner to get to know the ICCSA team and learn more about our vision. Lie Poh Siu, Indonesia Field Associate for The Maclellan Foundation, joined to observe and learn more about the GDL process. On 8 and 9 July, Pastor Anton and Ivo (founding and active board members of ICCSA) went through each of the 12 principles of  Generosity Design Lab, then designed our own generosity training for churches and ministries in Indonesia, an alternative to prosperity gospel which is pervasive in their context.

Caption photo: GDL training in Bali. (photo by Ruthie Cristobal, GTP)

ICCSA really appreciated the experience. Pastor Anton Tarigan (ICCSA Board of Supervisors Vice Chair) concluded that “there will be more harvest as we start the engine of generosity” within churches. With her extensive background in NGO work, Ivo Rumondang (ICCSA Board of Executives Vice Chair) said that the GDL offers “a good foundation on generosity to help others.”

Caption photo: (from left to right) Patrick (founder and visionary of GenerousChurch), Ivo (ICCSA Board of Executives Vice Chair),  (Ereny (GTP’s VP of Training & Empowerment), Ruthie (GTP’s VP of Partnerships & Communications), Pastor Anton,  (ICCSA Board of Supervisors Vice Chair).


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