08 Feb 2023

Yayasan Kasih Persaudaraan Bangsa (KARSA) is an institution established to manage religious donations that can be deducted from gross income in calculating income tax.

Yayasan Kairos Tanah Papua (Kairos) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing free early childhood education for the children of Sorong, West Papua so that they become smart, like Christ, and ready to live God's calling.

Both foundations are ICCSA’s registered members. Together, we have an aligned vision and mission to glorify the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Through ICCSA, our two members KARSA and Kairos were able to get acquainted at the launch event of ICCSA on 16th July 2022.

At first, the two foundations wanted to learn from each other's activities and at the same time, KARSA received questions from the Directorate General of Christian Community Guidance (BIMAS Kristen) if there were any activities in the education sector. KARSA was amazed, the question was answered when KARSA studied the Kairos strategic plan which is engaged in education.

The KARSA Foundation and Kairos signed an agreement (MoU) on 7th December 2022 for partnership and cooperation between programs. However, Kairos was surprised because there was a surprise from KARSA to Kairos after each party signed the MoU, KARSA gave a  donation to Kairos.

KARSA and Kairos MoU signing event at KARSA's office in Jakarta on 7th December 2022.


This partnership reminds us that those who believe in Christ must be united, and that we cannot walk alone. Through this synergy, KARSA becomes a transit facilitator for God's blessing, Kairos the recipient, and ICCSA as a vessel for trust, accountability and good stewardship.

With the existence of ICCSA, this organic connection allows ICCSA to live out its vision and mission in uniting Christian organizations. The presence of the ICCSA fosters trust, and these organizations can partner with each other without a second thought.

ICCSA is very pleased with the partnership between both foundations KARSA and Kairos. Our prayer is that this partnership will continue and develop well, and that all of our ministry will have a bigger impact in Indonesia.

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